How Do You Choose The Right Chair It’s a well known fact that within office environments we don’t really move around a great deal as with a “desk job” our tools are on our desk which we use throughout the day.  Spending 8 – 12 hours a day in the same position can naturally have.. read more →

Tub Chairs are a versatile piece of furniture which instantly create an impact wherever they are placed.  Their distinct design instantly turns heads and encourages your guests to take a seat.  At Spiro Designs, we have installed Tub chairs in many different environments from restaurants to bars to pubs to cafes.  Today however we will.. read more →

Inside a modern interior, it’s important the furniture does not look out of date.  We have picked our top 4 modern tub chairs which would look great inside a modern interior, whether its an office, reception area or restaurant. Swan Designer Chair         An upholstered chair which looks beautiful, stunning and elegant.  The.. read more →