Tub Chairs For The New Year Have you ever wondered where the description ‘Tub Chairs’ came from? Didn’t we used to have just sofa or settee and an arm chair? The term tub chairs started about twenty five years ago in the furniture manufacturing industry. Office environments were changing and customers were looking for something.. read more →

How Do You Choose The Right Chair It’s a well known fact that within office environments we don’t really move around a great deal as with a “desk job” our tools are on our desk which we use throughout the day.  Spending 8 – 12 hours a day in the same position can naturally have.. read more →

Tub Chairs are a versatile piece of furniture which instantly create an impact wherever they are placed.  Their distinct design instantly turns heads and encourages your guests to take a seat.  At Spiro Designs, we have installed Tub chairs in many different environments from restaurants to bars to pubs to cafes.  Today however we will.. read more →

Inside a modern interior, it’s important the furniture does not look out of date.  We have picked our top 4 modern tub chairs which would look great inside a modern interior, whether its an office, reception area or restaurant. Swan Designer Chair         An upholstered chair which looks beautiful, stunning and elegant.  The.. read more →

Customers very often are given an immediate impression of your company as soon as they walk into your reception area.  This is why a lot of companies invest a lot of money making sure their reception area’s look spotless, modern and clean.  Today we will highlight how Tub Chairs can easily transform your reception area.. read more →