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It’s a well known fact that within office environments we don’t really move around a great deal as with a “desk job” our tools are on our desk which we use throughout the day.  Spending 8 – 12 hours a day in the same position can naturally have consequences on your body.  At Spiro Designs, we don’t just offer our design expertise but we also offer our advice on typically what kind  tub chairs and office chairs are suited for a particular environment.  Today we are going to focus on what’s important for your posture and then give you some examples of tub chairs which we supply which are great for office environments.

Feet on the floor

When seated at your desk, its important that your feet touch the floor, flat.  This won’t put strain on your hips and it won’t feel like there is a constant rush of blood going to your feet.  If your feet do not touch the floor, ask for a foot rest

Chair height

The chair which sit on must be high enough so the screen is at eye level and your feet are on the floor.  You need to be sitting so that your arms form a right angled l shape so you are not stretching to reach your keyboard / mouse.  This will ease injuries such as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

Keep your tools close

On your desk, the keyboard and mouse will be your tools.  These need to be close.  You don’t want to feel like you are reaching to use these as it will cause problems mentioned above but will also hurt your back

Support your lower back

Your lower back is often the first point of pain when it comes to desk related strains.  The common and often seen posture of someone slouched is the cause of this.  Choose a chair which offers support for the lower region of your back.  When you sit in your chair, you should instantly feel support on your lower back.  By having your lower back supported, it discourages you to slouch.

The 4 simple points above really do count and add to creating a healthy environment for your guests, employees and clients.  Here are some chairs which we offer at Spiro Designs which are friendly office chairs for an office environment :

Delphi Task ChairThor Office ChairsOpus Office ChairsOpus Xtra Office Chairs

The chairs listed above come from our office chair range.  All offer superb support for the lower back, offer arm rests to help reduce RSI strains and also all chairs can be adjusted in height.


We do offer a beautiful alternative Tub Chair – The Kruze Lounge Chair – which is great for environments where you are not at your desk all of the time and do move around a lot.  It offer superb comfort and looks stunning as well.

View our extensive range of Tub Chairs, Office Chairs and even Designer chairs and see if there are any chairs which you can see fitting inside your environment.  Remember the points above and create that happy and comfortable atmosphere for both customers and clients.

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