Tub Chairs For The New Year

Have you ever wondered where the description ‘Tub Chairs’ came from? Didn’t we used to have just sofa or settee and an arm chair?

The term tub chairs started about twenty five years ago in the furniture manufacturing industry. Office environments were changing and customers were looking for something more modern and comfortable for reception areas to reflect our changing workplace. Tub chairs was the term given to a new design of chair that was designed in the shape of a tub with sloping arms and fully upholstered to the floor for use in reception areas. As with anything new the original style tub chair has continued to develop into an array of different shapes and styles and is now being widely used in both commercial and domestic interiors.

When you are looking for furniture to use in your restaurant waiting areas, hotel receptions, bars and pubs you really need to do your homework. As they have now become popular in the home, an Internet search for tub chairs will throw up 100s of suppliers for chairs that should only be used in the home!

We have strict fire and safety standards that we adhere to, ensuring that the tub chairs we supply are suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, bar and pubs. The framework is much more durable, the internal foams have to comply with fire regulations and are denser so that the chair can take the wear and tear of a commercial environment. Finally, the upholstery that is used to finish the chair (so that it is exactly what you are looking for) has the relevant CRIB 5 fire rating that is required for furniture in hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars. The tub chairs and sofas sold by suppliers to the domestic furniture market, in the majority of cases, will not comply with these standards.

Don’t forget that we upholster all of our chairs to meet your specific requirements and scheme! All of our tub chairs and sofas are available in a wide variety of fabrics, faux leathers or real leather.

At Spiro Designs we are committed to continue to offer new styles that are permanently being developed to meet changing interior trends as well as some more traditional styles for those customers who are still looking for a more traditional interior space.

At the moment we are working hard getting ready to launch our new tub chair collection for 2014 so watch this space…

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