Tub Chairs For Hotels

Tub Chairs are a versatile piece of furniture which instantly create an impact wherever they are placed.  Their distinct design instantly turns heads and encourages your guests to take a seat.  At Spiro Designs, we have installed Tub chairs in many different environments from restaurants to bars to pubs to cafes.  Today however we will be talking about the various placements within a hotel whereby you can use tub chairs.

Reception Area

The reception area of the hotel is where you have to make the biggest impact to your guests and give them a ‘wow’ expression.  Their eyes will instantly be drawn to the long reception desk but if there is a wait, they might opt to take a seat. Give your guests somewhere nice to sit and use a tub chair.  It’s strong, hard wearing and can sustain a lot of traffic through the years.  Place a central table in-between the tub chairs as reception areas are also places to meet for guests and often short quick business meetings can take place.  The table will give them some room to work and the tub chairs will give them some room to sit.

Elevator entrances

Waiting for the lift to arrive can take some time.  This area is traditionally filled with mirrors and a wall table.  Why not place a few tub chairs here too?  Give your guests the opportunity to sit down and add some character to the entrance of the elevator.

Inside each room

Space is never unlimited within hotel rooms and utilisation is important.  Guests will always judge a room as soon as they walk in so why not give them some nice furniture to look at.  Don’t go for a conventional boring chair which looks like it will break in a few months, go for something solid like a tub chair which will do the job of offering seating but will also make the room much more pleasant to look at.

Give our dedicated team a call if you need some help or simply contact us and will will recommend some suitable tub chairs for your hotel.

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